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600全讯白菜网址大全 【Touch Beijing 双语新闻】北京披发1.4亿元“投贷奖”资金,惠及666家企业.....

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Beijing recently issued support funds of nearly 140 million yuan to 666 cultural enterprises and financial institutions in the city to promote the integrated development of culture and finance and the high-quality development of the capital's cultural industry. By subsidizing corporate financing of various types, Beijing has injected "financial vitality" into the cultural industry to facilitate its recovery.



Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, Beijing has made milestone breakthroughs in improving quality of its ecological environment, with technological innovation playing a key role in the process. According to the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, a multi-dimensional monitoring network for greenhouse gases will be built. It will be used for collaborative analysis and evaluation of pollution and carbon emission reduction to support green development.



The Beijing Forum for Performing Arts opened on the evening of December 8 at the Taihu Stage Art Center of the National Center for the Performing Arts via live streaming. Hosted by the National Center for the Performing Arts, the forum focuses on three major topics: "New concepts promote the development of the industry", "New vision stimulates the vitality of art", "New presentation methods are used to explore diversity of expression". More than 200 representatives from the performing arts industry from more than 30 countries around the world gathered to discuss innovation and development in the industry.

12月8日晚上,“2022全国剧院北京论坛”在国度大剧院台湖舞美艺术中心开幕,并以线上容颜举行。本届论坛围绕“艺术传承 一元复始”的主题,聚焦“新理念·鞭策行业发展”“新视线·抖擞艺术活力”“新呈现·探索种种抒发”三大议题、来自全球30余个国度的200余位扮演艺术行业代表共聚云表,共商行业革命发展的破局之路。

“大戏看北京” 云上演把舞台带回家

Beijing's first theater performance season has kicked off, and the "Cloud Theater" was also launched simultaneously. Classic dramas will be staged and air online during the event. The "Cloud Theater" has shown 17 plays by 11 troupes, with over 30 million views. In December, 120 plays are planned to be shown on the Cloud Theater. The "Cloud Theater" can be found on the Beijing Time and Douyin Apps.



The 2022 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season opened on December 9 in the Yanqing Olympic Park. 8 Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports and cultural tour routes were launched offering visitors a variety of activities such as skiing, cycling, scenic drives, delicious food and hot spring resorts.



Beijing further optimized its COVID-19 response. The city's authorities said on the evening of December 7 that negative nucleic acid test results are no longer needed to enter cinemas. Movie theaters that were previously closed will resume operations in a smooth and orderly manner. In addition to the resumption of cinema screenings, many theaters in Beijing have also issued reopening announcements.



West Chang'an Street Sub-district Office in Beijing took the lead moving overhead power lines underground in alleys. 586 wire poles and 55,831 meters of wires were removed. 44,253 meters of new cables and 698 new street lamps were installed, significantly reducing electricity safety hazards. Traffic in the area also improved as a result of the infrastructure upgrade.



The main structure of the financial island station of the express train line connecting Xiong'an New Area to Beijing Daxing International Airport (also known as line "R1") was recently completed. This is the first station to be completed along the line. The express line is China's first urban rail transit line with a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Its length is 86.26 kilometers, with 8 stations, including 3 underground stations.



The new expressway of the National Highway 109 is currently under construction. It is expected to be completed and open to traffic by the end of next year. The new highway is 65.4 kilometers long and serves as an important passage between the west of Beijing and Hebei Province. The project will not only promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and accelerate the development of regional tourism, but also provide an important channel for emergency and disaster relief in the mountainous areas of western Beijing.




简介:三本科幻小说,《人类灭绝:变成飞船的我重启文明》剧情爽情节爆!卫朗一觉醒来发现自己在火星上,还变成了一艘飞船。 外星文明降临地球,全人类灭绝…… 卫朗表示:“我很慌!” “人在火星,正在被追杀!该怎么办?在线等……”

其实《消失的初恋》并不是目黑莲演的第一部剧,早在2015年1月10日,其出演深夜剧《哥哥扭蛋》,这是他首次出演的电视剧 ,2019年7月22日,电视剧《想应聘简单的工作看看》播出 ,2021年1月2日,出演的悬疑电视剧《教场2》播出,从而积累了丰富的演技经验。

Construction of the Chaobai River Bridge of Changtong Road officially started on December 9. ChangTong Road is a landmark project in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, playing an important role in driving regional development. The Chaobai River Bridge is a key part of ChangTong Road, with a total length of 1.6 kilometers and an overall construction period of 22 months. It is expected to be completed in September 2024. The bridge will reach Dachang County in Hebei Province to the east and Lucheng Town in Tongzhou District to the west.

12月9日, 通路工程肃穆开工成就。 厂通路工程是落实京津冀协同发展、高质料成就城市副中心的标记性工程,对带动区域发展具有迫切作用。厂通路神色分为路途和潮白河大桥两部分,全长1.6公里,举座成就工期22个月,瞻望将于2024年9月完工。潮白河大桥向东可达河北省大厂县,向西过程通州区潞城镇。


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北京披发1.4亿元“投贷奖”资金,惠及666家企业 Beijing recently issued support funds of nearly 140 million yuan to 666 cultural enterprises and financial institutions in the city to promote the integrated development of culture and f
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北京披发1.4亿元“投贷奖”资金,惠及666家企业 Beijing recently issued support funds of nearly 140 million yuan to 666 cultural enterprises and financial institutions in the city to promote the integrated development of culture and f

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